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Feminismos del Sur is a feminist podcast that aims to echo decolonial voices in the global south region.

This podcast reports on different themes from a gender perspective. We understand that the fight for gender equality is intersectional, therefore we hear diverse voices.


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We are aligned with the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda. In a conversation format, Feminismos del Sur echoes decolonial voices from the South with a gender perspective. Share this podcast in your community, it is multilingual, with episodes in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French.

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The Feminismos del Sur podcast works in the South. Countries considered part of the Global South are located in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Oceania; whether large economies or developing countries.
For many, the term Global South is used as a metaphor for underdevelopment, and we struggle to recognize the richness and realities of this region, which have always been so far from the spotlight. Decoloniality is the way to resist and deconstruct these hierarchical patterns and perspectives imposed on the peoples of the South region, seen as subaltern and inferior over the years.


Do you identify with these issues and want to suggest topics or guests for the podcast? Actively participate in our conversation and click here to share!


About the Global South


Do you identify with feminist or decolonial issues and want to be part of the change by seeking more equity and promoting diverse voices?  Click here and see how to support the project, either individually or through your brand.

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